Mobile Veterinary Practice   11045 Trinidad   Amarillo, TX   806.622.0803
Contact Information:
11045 Trinidad Street
Amarillo, TX  79118
Phone: (806) 622-0803

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday
 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday by appointment
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   Our state-of-the art facility includes a fully equipped operating room with observation windows, fortified induction and recovery
stalls, and closed circuit television cameras designed to insure the safety and best care of our patients. 
Here at MVP we perform a variety of surgeries, including 

Cryptorchid Castration
Umbilical Hernia Repair
Open or Closed Annular Ligament Desmotomy
Deep Digital Flexor Tenotomy
Distal Check Desmotomy
Medial Patellar Desmotomy
Palmar Digital Neurectomy
Sequestrum Removal
Splint Bone Resection
Exploratory Laparotomy